How Can I Get Involved?

If you will vote YES on Proposition 8 this November, you should be aware that current polls show voters almost evenly split on this issue, slightly in favor of the NO's. In order to pass, we must ensure that EVERY POSSIBLE VOTER has a chance to see and review the facts surrounding this important issue!

Yes, there will be supporters making phone calls to attempt to persuade people; however, most people do not respond well to phone surveys, and when they do there is only a small window of opportunity for the caller to get the message across to the voter.

This is not the most effective method!

Instead, we must persuade voters to come view the information themselves, from their home computers, in their own time, without the awkwardness of a telephone conversation with someone who would really like to convince you to vote YES!

Have faith! The facts themselves strongly support a YES vote on this Proposition!

So, What Can I Do?

The most important thing is to drive people to this website. From here, they will be presented with enough knowledge in about 15 minutes' time to enable them to make an intelligent decision. And when that person makes a decision for themselves, they will not feel like they have been coerced, which, of course, they haven't :)


Review the legal and social ramifications of Prop. 8 to see just how inconvenient things will get.

So, here's the initial plan of action:

  1. Email this website to every California voter you know, or even to people who might know California voters.

  2. Smile. You've just taken the first step into political activism! There's no turning back! That is, unless people stop trying to destroy our country politically. Then you can rest.

Plan 2 is as follows:

  1. Print out flyers [.doc | .pdf].

  2. Walk around your neighborhood or other convenient location and put said flyers into your neighbors' hands, or on their doors. [NOTE: It is illegal to leave things in mailboxes.]

  3. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Plan 3 takes a different approach:

  1. Make "One Man, One Woman" or "Yes on Prop 8!" signs.

  2. Locate a high-traffic area, such as a busy intersection or mall.

  3. Stand there and hold your signs for as long as you are able, like this family did, as well as this group of Catholics.

  4. NOTE: Be sure to obtain permissions if you plan to be on private property.

Plan 4 is somewhat more bold than the above two plans:

  1. Buy merchandise.

    NOTE: Discounts are given for bulk purchases, thus increasing your potential for profit.

  2. Locate a high-traffic area and sell your merchandise!

    NOTE: I see people doing this all the time at our local Wal-Mart, and they are always high-traffic areas, so I would highly suggest you start there!

  3. Be sure to bring along flyers [.doc | .pdf], as well as "What Am I Saying If I Vote YES on Prop 8?" printouts [.doc | .pdf], and "What Am I Saying If I Vote NO on Prop 8?" printouts [.doc | .pdf], so that you are prepared for any discussions that might ensue.

Another version of Plan 4 would consist of pooling money with like-minded souls in your family, church, group, or neighborhood, and then ordering merchandise, like t-shirts, to wear yourselves! Huzzah!

Other Suggestions For Getting Involved

Declare your support for Prop. 8:

  1. Take The Citizen Pledge: "I Will Vote For Marriage"

Boycott and/or sign petitions against organizations that have donated to fight AGAINST Prop. 8, such as:

  1. McDonald's -

  2. PG&E - California Citizen Petition: “PG&E Should Stay Out of the Marriage Debate”

  3. Levi Strauss & Co. (Levi's jeans)

  4. Google

  5. The California Teachers Association

  6. AT&T

  7. California Council of Service Employees

  8. George Takei, star of Star Trek (Sulu)

  9. Apple Computers