What is Homosexual/Gay/Same-sex Marriage and Why Do People Oppose It?

What is Homosexual/Gay/Same-sex Marriage?

Homosexual marriage, Gay Marriage, Same-sex Marriage - These terms are synonymous for the practice of allowing members of the same gender to marry one another.

Why are some people so vehemently against this practice?

The following are some of the reasons that people oppose gay marriage:

  • Their religion forbids it. - Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims, among others, have specific religious mandates against homosexuality. That they may decide for themselves not to practice homosexuality is true; however, the legalization of gay marriage will require the State of California to teach children that this practice is acceptable, which would be in direct violation of the religious beliefs and practices of most of California's citizens. These people believe that we should all be free to instruct our own children according to the values we hold important, and not cause them to be indoctrinated by activists and the government.

  • Other abnormal behaviors will demand acceptance in the wake of gay marriage. - While this opinion was once mocked by gay marriage supporters, it has since been proven true, as this article demonstrates.

  • Historically, marriage was established to promote family and children, and not merely to recognize a committed relationship. - Marriage promotes the creation of children within an atmosphere of commitment, and provides children with the benefits of both male and female child rearing attributes and attitudes, which social scientists agree is best for children.

  • Judges should let the people decide for themselves. - Regardless of their attitudes about homosexual marriage, some people simply oppose Proposition 8 because of the manner in which it has come about, namely that activist judges have chosen to overrule the voice of the people in favor of their own beliefs.

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