How Will Gay Marriage Affect Our Society?

Below is a list if ways that gay marriage will directly affect our society. These things are all addressed more directly in the sections linked to above.

  1. Gay marriage will be presented to our schoolchildren, and all of society, really, as acceptable.

    Why wouldn't we want our children taught this? Despite the obvious religious/moral oppositions, homosexuality has been scientifically proven for decades to be both mentally and physically unhealthy. Until 1973, the American Psychological Association had homosexuality officially listed as a mental disorder, at which point it was removed -not because new evidences had been found to the contrary- but for political reasons, specifically, pressure from gay rights groups. You may remember, from the 90's, the whole flap about Dr. Laura taking this medical stance openly on her show until she was approached by gay rights groups herself. I don't believe she ever changed her position, she just hasn't addressed it on the air since then. So, homosexuality is still technically a mental disorder, with identifiable causes, recognizable symptoms and characteristics, and even proven recovery! Homosexuality was listed as a disorder because of the scientific evidences. It has never been proven otherwise. Is it wise to teach our children that a mental disorder is normal, acceptable, or even praiseworthy?

    IMPORTANT! Please watch these short videos to see how homosexuality is already being forced on schoolchildren in Massachusetts, where gay marriage has already been legalized:

  2. On a similar note, homosexuality is proven to cause severe health risks, including, of course, AIDS/HIV. We don't celebrate drug abuse to our children, but instead teach them that such things are dangerous and should be avoided. How is homosexual behavior any different? It could cost my child his life!

  3. This is not a civil rights issue. One gay activist was quoted as saying that this whole issue is really just about changing the moral perception of homosexuality; they want to make homosexuality morally acceptable by forcing us to treat it the same as heterosexuality. The basis for this notion is that homosexuals experience extreme levels of depression and suicide, leading some to conjecture that this is caused by social attitudes towards gays. Therefore, they conclude, we should attempt to normalize homosexuality and these problems will go away. Except... this ignores the scientific evidence that says that homosexuality is a mental disorder, which fact may, in and of itself, explain why they suffer depression in the first place.

    Ask yourself: If heterosexuals pranced around in the street naked, beating each other with whips, and otherwise being sexually indecent in public, wouldn't we have a few questions about their sanity? How is this acceptable behavior, then, in Gay Pride festivals, parades, and so forth?

    Pretending that homosexuality is normal only keeps gays from seeking therapy, and continues to perpetuate the popular, albeit incorrect, notion that gays are 'born that way.'

  4. Despite arguments to the contrary, gay rights proponents will NOT stop at marriage. As quoted above, this is actually about normalizing homosexuality in the public eye. Our country will most certainly see legislation like that being considered in Brazil, which will make it illegal to even voice an opinion against homosexuality in that country. This includes churches, businesses, and individuals. You may not believe that we would reach such a point with so-called 'thought police,' but remember that we are already seeing lawsuits against people for what amounts to them basically just being opposed to homosexuality. These lawsuits are winning in many cases, so it appears that we already have 'thought police.'

  5. The 'slippery slope' is real. Journalist Stan Kurtz did an excellent write-up on the various groups that are waiting to claim marriage rights just as soon as gay marriage makes some headway. This includes, of course, polygamy and pedophilia, and things you've never heard of, like polyandry, which is basically any combination of men and women in one so-called relationship. Children in such environments stand to not even know who their own father is! Plus, they will necessarily be learning that sexual promiscuity is normal, healthy behavior, and stand greatly increased risks of dangerous sexual behavior, not to mention mental disorders due to the lack of one-on-one relationships with both a father and a mother.

  6. Allowing gay marriage increases the likelihood that children will be placed with homosexuals by adoption agencies or court proceedings following divorces. Specific scientific evidences have been gathered that children in these environments are at increased risk for stress, depression, and suicide, among other things. These findings have successfully been used and accepted in court decisions that ultimately have lead to several states' decisions not to allow gays to adopt or have foster children.

    Besides the increased risk to children, placing them in these environments increases the likelihood that they will emulate or experiment with homosexual behaviors, which have been proven to be harmful and at high risk for disease and mental disorder.

  7. Several misconceptions and outright falsehoods are being perpetuated to mold public opinion about homosexuality. These misconceptions and falsehoods are the entire basis for the argument that gay marriage is a civil right.

    They are:
    A) That 10% of all people are gay. This number was contrived from a study done by Kinsey in the 1940's which has since been proven false by several other studies, and by duplication of the original study with a larger sample group. Proper studies have shown the number to actually be less than 2% worldwide.

    B) That people are born gay. No study has ever shown any such thing. A few studies have been presented out of context and said to suggest such findings, but even the authors of the studies, themselves gay, publicly declared that their studies showed no such thing. On the contrary, science has shown that there are specific incidents and experiences in early childhood that can cause an individual to develop same sex attraction. Therapy is available, and recovery is possible, just like for every other mental disorder. One study that is presented out of context is the one in which a certain area of the brain appeared to be different in gay subjects than straight subjects. The study's author stated expressly that this did not prove anything, and other studies have shown that certain behaviors can actually CAUSE such differences in brain development. The gay subjects of the original study had been sexually active for years prior to the study.

    C) That there are gay animals. This is presented as proof that homosexuality is natural. However, this is yet another case of a study that was both blown out of proportion, and scientifically unsound to begin with. Other scientists have reviewed this supposed evidence and found it wanting on many levels. Furthermore, the presence of a behavior in nature does not justify its practice among humans- you will find that cannibalism is much more prevalent among animals than those behaviors which are being interpreted as homosexual!

  8. Children raised in homes with homosexual "parents" are necessarily deprived of one biological parent. They will have either no mother or no father. This obviously happens in cases of divorce with heterosexuals, as well, but psychologists like Dr. Laura will testify that this is one of the worst things that can happen to a child. In heterosexual relationships, this would be an exception. In homosexual relationships, this would be the rule. (This sort of situation does arise, where a parent leaves an existing family to pursue a homosexual relationship. It happened to my friend.)

  9. Scientific evidence shows that children are better off in many ways when raised in homes with both a mother and a father. One important article you might read which summarizes the evidence is "Dr. Byrd Provides Testimony In English Court Case Regarding Same-Sex Adoption" which can be found here [NOTE: This is a pdf file]. Dr. A. Dean Byrd is president of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, a licensed group of psychologists that treat people who do not want to be attracted to the opposite sex.