A Moment of Unity

From all of the recent acts of violence and threats of death being made against Mormons by gays, you might get the impression that they have no sense of humor. Well, let this nugget change your mind:

In New York City, several hundred protesters planned to march later Wednesday on the Mormon Temple on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The church had encouraged its members to support the California ban.

"We're not trying to convey an image of persecution, we're not trying to attack any specific group," said Ryan McNeely, an organizer for the Join the Impact protest movement. "The point we need to be making is that we need to bring everybody together and to respect each other, and that hate breeds hate." [MSNBC]

Will the hilarity never stop?

*wipes tear from eye*

Oh, those gays! For a minute there, I was feeling like the demands to have the Mormon temple burned down was hate speech. Now I realize that you didn't really mean to assault those women at the LA temple, but this is all just your way of bringing us together and showing us respect. Thanks, gays! That really means something!